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Delivery of goods to Ukraine from U.S. online store - only $11

10 jun 2015, 08:27

Delivery of goods from U.S. online stores to Ukraine is getting even cheaper! For customers residing outside the United States and regularly shopping  in the U.S stores, Meest-America now offers new low prices for shipping of small air packages to Ukraine. Thus, delivery of...

SKYPE, fraudulent account

10 feb 2015, 09:42

Dear friends, we must warn you that somebody registered a fraudulent account on Skype with the similar address to ours, which is Meest-America, Inc MEEST. Please, be aware that our address on Skype is MEEST-America, Inc. We do not accept payments for shipping online order other...


24 dec 2014, 11:40

Due to new U.S. regulations, Meest-America cannot accept packages or cargo for shipping to Crimea,...


18 jan 2014, 11:08

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