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08 aug 2017, 11:51

Dear Customers,

We introduce mandatory registration and credit card verification for our customers in order to prevent fraud when payment for Meest-America’s services is made.

Why register a bank card?

Registration and confirmation of a credit card ensures us that it is used by the legitimate owner. In addition, registration card allows you to quickly and conveniently pay for our services. All you need to do is enter the card number, expiration date, and CVC - code.

How to add a bank card?

  • Go to the menu "Edit account" "Registered Cards";
  • Click "Register bank card";
  • Enter the card number (16 digits);
  • Enter the expiration date;
  • Enter the CVV2 / CVC2 code (last 3 digits on the back of the card);
  • Enter the name of the owner of the bank card;
  • Enter the address where the bank card is registered;
  • Click "Verify".

How does the verification procedure work?

  • Temporarily your account will be charged a small amount of money, up to $ 0.50. You need to confirm the amount of the transaction. You will get the information via SMS (if the bank enabled it) or by calling bank’s customer service (the phone number is listed on the back of the card). In addition, you will see the transaction in the online banking or on your bank statement;
  • Enter the amount of the transaction;
  • Obtain verification result (successful / not successful).

You can register multiple cards for payments.

How to pay the bill?

  • Choose a card from the list of registered bank cards;
  • Enter a credit card;
  • Enter the expiration date of the credit card;
  • Enter the CVC code;
  • Click "Process".

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation,
Meest America‘s Team.