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Uzbekistan (Fedex)


Territory Air Parcels
Price/lb Delivery Estimated Delivery Time
the city of Tashkent $3.59 $25.00 1-2 weeks
the rest of the territory of Uzbekistan $3.59 $25.00 2 weeks

  • Maximum weight of a parcel - 66 lbs.
  • There is no duty if the total value of the goods sent to one address does not exceed $1000 during one quarter (3 months’ period), and there is no more than one piece of each kind of good.
  • Each recipient must provide the passport number or taxpayer identification number.
  • Every package is insured with the company for $60.00. This insurance is provided for you free of charge. Any additional insurance will cost you 5% of the insured value.

FedEx rate is calculated for regular size package: the largest side should not exceed 48 inches (120 cm); second-largest – 30 inches (75 cm); and the maximum physical or volume weight should not be greater than 66 lbs (30 kg). For bigger packages you will be charged more.

Cost of shipping via FedEx from western states is different.

To determine the cost of shipping, the greater of the actual weight or dimensional weight is utilized. The following is the formula for a dimensional weight - length (inches) x width (inches) x height (inches) / 139 = dimensional weight (lbs)


FedeEx additional charge for parcels more than 40 lbs:

40 lbs. + $10
50 lbs. + $15
60 lbs. + $20
70 lbs. + $25